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Thu, Oct

The next elections find every political party engaged with the difficult task to promote and create the nation that they wish for.

Dafi and the National Energetic Strategy are planning, that before year 2030, there will be 2,400 methane fuel gas stations and at least 800 LNG stations.

In the world, millions of people die due to air pollution. In fact, 9 out of 10 people live in an area which has higher pollution levels than that recommended by the World Health Organization.

For the launch of car gas transformations
The Ecogas Consortium, which associates with about 1,000 GPL and methane car operators, (including many workshops) is committed to simplify the administrative procedures for gas-fueled vehicle testing.

In recent years it has been possible to fuel vehicles with gas alongside diesel fuel, which has long dominated the trucking world, especially heaving trucking, but also lighter commercial trucking, and that turns out not to be free of pollutions problems after all, as we have unfortunately discovered thanks to the news reports that came out during the months of “Dieselgate”.

Dal biogas metano italiano per usi energetici e autotrazione
Il biometano è metano italiano che rifornirà gli autoveicoli alimentati a gas naturale. È ottenuto dal biogas, che grazie a un processo di raffinazione detto upgrading diviene praticamente uguale al carburante attualmente utilizzato in autotrazione. È in fase di completamento il quadro normativo, che spazia dalla produzione  alla composizione del prodotto, dall’incentivazione alla commercializzazione – all’argomento abbiamo dedicato ampio spazio sul numero 121 di Ecomobile.

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