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Tue, Apr

Farewell to Renzo Zucchi, President of Socogas, a pioneer of LPG


At the end of December, Renzo Zucchi passed away at the age of 92.

He was a manager and entrepreneur in the oil sector since 1950s and founder of a leading company in the energy landscape, Socogas located in Parola di Fidenza, Parma. This company, now called the Socogas Group, is widely recognized and established on a national level in the petroleum products market, with over 200 employees and various subsidiaries and offices. His courage and foresight allowed him to imagine the employment of LPG as an ecological fuel for the future, when it was still being burned at the top of oil wells. He continued his path towards new frontiers, giving impetus to the very recent diffusion of LNG, the liquefied natural gas used for heavy transportation and the desire to try out innovative projects in the fueling field, for example, using bio methane, the renewable natural gas obtained from waste products. Renzo Zucchi was working in his company until the illness that took him away, but unfortunately he didn’t have the time to inaugurate his latest creation, the new refueling point on the Milan-Bologna route. Here it can be found on sale petrol and diesel fuel, as well as the ecological LPG and methane, LNG for trucks and… kilowatts for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.