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Tue, Apr

For 20 years at the service of gas


Emme Informatica, a software house in Padua, celebrates its twentieth anniversary in 2021.

In this occasion, it takes the opportunity to announce its upcoming services and to confirm its mission: to offer IT tools that improve and simplify the work of the protagonists of the
oil sector, i.e. service, net workers and white pumps. Mrs Maddalena Tanca, partner and head of communication, tells us about and illustrates to us the company.

The corporate celebration was the occasion chosen to launch a new web site and the company’s pages on social media, Facebook and Linked In. “The company was born in 2001 with the intention of creating tools that could improve administrative work, optimize information processes and enhance the decision-making skills of managers and network operators.

Since then we have established ourselves as a transversal independent reality, a feature that has allowed us to start a 360° partnerships and collaboration with the Oil sector and its main vendors in the market.

The watchword is “to innovate”, or be ahead of the times. A particularly significant
mission in this historical moment, in which service stations are progressively transforming themselves into energy hubs.”