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Fri, Aug

Nikolay Balandinsky and Alexandr Morozov, two intrepid Russian travelers have decided to embark on an trip that has always fascinated millions of people: a tour around the globe.

Bari is one of the 10 Italian cities – among the 50 large cities surveyed in the report on sustainable mobility by Euromobility – that never exceeded the limits imposed by the legislation on atmospheric pollution in 2014.

The origin of the city’s name derives from the fertility of the Arno valley (in Latin: Florentes) and perhaps with the erroneous Latin interpretation of the Etruscan term Birenz which meant “between the waters”.

When Italy entered World War I, some “Italians” had already been at war for a year, including many residents of Trieste drafted into the Austrian Army in the 97th Infantry, which was practically wiped out in the Battle of Leopoli in September 1914.

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