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Mon, Sep

An LPG fueled trip around the world


Nikolay Balandinsky and Alexandr Morozov, two intrepid Russian travelers have decided to embark on an trip that has always fascinated millions of people: a tour around the globe.

The two men from Moscow have already crossed over 16 European countries with a four-wheel drive UAZ 452, transformed into LPG fueled car with a Sequent 32 BRC. After that, they are getting ready to cross Africa from North to South, then move by boat to the Americas, Oceania and Asia. The route will take them to over 100 countries and should be completed after 100,000 Km before the end of 2019.

We met a few years ago – the two Russian globe-trotters commented – and we both already had experience with continental travel. This journey is made possible thanks to some Russian sponsors and the contributions by travel companions encountered along the way. Nikolay and Alexandr are already planning the next adventure: to reach New York traveling through the Bering Strait, driving an LPG vehicle.

We can follow the trip on their Facebook page.

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