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Genoa for us


It was known as “The Superb City” and certainly Genoa was and still is a superb city. It was one of the Maritime Republics which flourished in the Middle Ages.

The rival of Venice, it defeated the other two Maritime Republics of Pisa and Amalfi to become Queen of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The origin of its name is controversial, but classical tradition derives it from the Ianua, the Latin name for Janus, since it is a city with two faces: one toward the sea and the other toward the mountains.

The fleet of Gianandrea Doria was decisive in the battle of Lepanto, a real watershed in European history, as much as Christopher Columbus and his discoveries for the history of humanity.  Genoa is one of the most eco-friendly cities in the Legambiente classification, in search of a proper balance between public and private mobility. the limited presence of eco-friendly cars in the city – only 3.5% – is due to the very small distribution network.