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Sun, Jun

Auris Hybrid, more ecological with LPG


Toyota Auris Touring Sports 1.8 Hybrid Style Landi Renzo
The Toyota Auris Hybrid is a good quality compact family car. It has aerodynamic lines and a cozy interior for 5 adults with high-end technological equipment and a large trunk.

The hybrid system offers 136 HP and it is designed for comfortable, low cost and low emission trips. Its quality is enhanced by the LPG kit “Landi Renzo Evo OBD” that installs a 57.6 lt gas tank which allows the car to travel 800 km without refueling. This gas implant offers to reduce CO2 emissions from 92 to 84 g/km and refueling costs savings of over 50% thanks to a cost per kilometer of 0.097 to 0.044 euro/km, enough to recover the Ä 1,361 euro cost of the kit in less than 25,000 km. The Style version has a list price of Ä 27,200 and already includes many accessories.