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Fiat Tipo, with the LPG fuel the advantage is “dual”


The Fiat “Tipo” is a compact car that has a pleasant look and a large and comfortable interior cabin.

It is well -thought out in assembly and equipment. Boosted by a 1.6 diesel 120 HP engine, it shows good performances and excellent torque for a smooth ride. Its characteristics are enhanced by the adoption of the Mixed Fuel DGID kit by Autogas Italia that replaces part of the diesel fuel with up to 60% of LPG with positive effects on performance and emissions. In fact the CO2 emissions diminish from 155 to 122 g/km and pollutants show between a 5-18% decrease. The refueling costs are also 28% lower then the regular fuel costs, and this allows to recover the € 2,318 of the kit cost. The Fiat Tipo Lounge costs 22,800 euros.


Engine 4 cylinders of 1,598 cc
Supply Diesel   Dual Fuel
Power at 3.900 rpm 89/122 cv/kW 99/133
Torque at 2.320 rpm 328 Nm 353
Top Speed 197 Km/h 210
Acceleration 0-100 Km/h 9,8 sec. 8,8
Consumption 5,9 l/100 km  3,12 (Diesel oil) + 2,7 (GPL)
CO2 Emissions 155 g/km 122