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Mon, Apr

From Turin to Beijing (and back) with a Diesel-Methane gas car


In 2008, we demonstrated that it was possible to go from Italy to China using only LPG. Ten years later we decided to try something harder...the same trip but using only methane gas.

Thanks to Piccini Impianti and Ecomotive Solutions we equipped the new Toyota Hilux for this adventure. The vehicle, a Euro 4 diesel car, has been changed adding two 80-liter methane gas tanks, creating a dual fuel car. The car’s autonomy, usually about 700-800 km with the diesel fuel, has been increase to 1200 km. The results on consumption have proven to be better in both cases: in terms of decreased pollution and in an ecological manner. Also gas consumption has been quite low thanks to slow cruising speeds and little traffic along the Siberian roads or across the Central Asian deserts. The itinerary took us first on the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal. Then we crossed all of the Euro-Asiatic continent up to Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean. A total of 40,000 km travelled in four months, crossing 44 state borders and 26 countries. The average consumption calculated in about 20% of the route fuelled only by diesel was 11.3 km/liter, while the remaining 80% of the trip in dual fuel was 18.5 km/liter of diesel fuel to which must be added the consumption of methane. From an ecological point of view, we were able to bring back a 2012 Euro 4 car to tolerable emissions, while the savings calculated per one thousand kilometres were just above 30%.