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Wed, May

Car gas development


At the end of 2017, the LPG and CNG circulating fleet consisted of 3,200,000 units (8,4% on the overall circulating vehicles).

According to Mr. Alessandro Tramontano, president of the Ecogas Consortium, these number can sensibly grow thanks to long term policies, but they are either way very significant when compared to the circulation numbers of other alternative low environmental impact vehicles.

In Italy, there are over 4,000 LPG gas stations and 1,250 methane gas stations. In addition, there are also over 20 LNG stations. Mr. Tramontano underlined that LPG and methane are considered alternative fuels, and are recognized as such by the Dafi Directive. Gas fuelled transportation is therefore one of the “bridge” technologies with a low environmental impact that can reduce air pollution in cities – therefore it is also an excellent tool to fight European infringements – while at the same time favoring employment and the economy. The business chain in this sector is also important and Italy is one of the world leaders in it, starting from the numerous companies producing LPG and methane conversion plants (which are exported all over the world) and with a transformation and assistance network of more than 6,000 workshops.

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