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Tue, Apr

Assogasmetano, Mr. Flavio Merigo is the new President


After the premature death of Mr. Paolo Vettori, an historical protagonist in the natural gas field, Assogasmetano during the General Assembly held in Bologna this past July 1st, has nominated its new board. The President of the National Association of Methane Distributor Companies, founded in 2008 by Mr. Vettori himself, is now the Engineer Mr. Flavio Merigo. The Vice Presidents are Mrs. Costanza Zannoni and Mr. Lucio Ponsanesi. We met the new President and talked about the future association’s activities and about natural gas in general. 

With the new Board of Directors – he told us – we have outlined a very substantial program of activities which is a direct consequence of the objectives that we have set for ourselves in the short to medium term. Among the objectives there are a close cooperation with the industrial sector, with the Energy Companies and an effective dialogue with the institutions to defend the sector from reckless and unmotivated attacks. In addition, an action of innovation and simplification of procedures with regard to the re-filling of cylinders and the testing of vehicles following the installation of methane power systems or replacements of parts of the system. To achieve this, we have already started a collaboration with NGV System Italy and the installation workshops of Confartigianato’s LPG and methane plants. Finally, we want to promote an intensive marketing campaign to push self service stations, in collaboration with all trade associations as well as greater collaboration with vehicle manufacturers and transformation companies.