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Mon, Apr

Paris: the climate counts on us


Saturday 12 December the Paris Agreement was signed at the U.N. Climate Conference.

The goal of keeping the average global temperature increase within 2°C was once again confirmed, with the effort to achieve the more ambitious target of 1.5°C. Every five years the national plans for the reduction of greenhouse gasses will be reviewed, and a fund of at least 100 billion dollars a year will be made available by the industrialized countries for loans to developing countries. The agreement fulfills the expectations and is a starting point on which to base political decisions in the coming years. The contribution of sustainable mobility will also be important. But in Italy, alternative fuels are still marginal with respect to vehicles fueled with gasoline and diesel oil. After years of progress, conversions and new registrations of gas-fueled cars decreased this year. Does that mean the Italians don’t care what kind of air they breathe? It certainly appears that way, considering that Volkswagen has not lost business as a result of the diesel emissions scandal: sales were up by +21.37% in November! They also seem to have forgotten that a car’s emissions can be reduced thanks to conversion to an LPG or LNG installation, with significant savings in economic terms on the cost of fuel. To alter the trend, the associations of the category are asking for the temporary exemption from payment of the automobile tax. Let’s hope we find it under the Christmas tree!