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Mon, Apr

Climate, what they say and what they do


While the world’s leaders sign the Paris climate agreement in New York, in the automotive world Volkswagen reaches an agreement with the United States to remedy its “dieselgate”:

ONU logo500,000 cars against the 11 million involved. Meanwhile, admissions are starting to trickle in from other automakers, like Mitsubishi: their emissions tests would have been manipulated since 1991. Rumors also on the FCA: a German newspaper breaks the story that an investigation by the KBA, the German organization that approves vehicles, has found that a few models, after 22 minutes of operation, self-reset, bypassing the system of NOX treatment. In this situation, sales of cars fueled with LPG and LNG are also down, including aftermarket conversions, while hybrids and electric cars maintain a marginal role. But the government does nothing to encourage motorists in an effort to promote eco-friendly mobility, despite the fact that our cities are being suffocated by smog and....by unethical behavior. Agreement on climate is fine, but wouldn’t it be better if it were more than just words on paper?