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Tue, May

With Opel, LPG is Tech


Opel Karl 1.0 GPL Tech Innovation
Small on the outside, large on the inside. The Karl 1.0 LPG Tech is a city car with minimum dimensions but with an interior spacious enough to seat four adults and a child comfortably.

The design is pleasing, externally and internally, with a dashboard dominated by the innovative infotainment system screen which can be connected to a smartphone. Finish, materials and standard equipment are at a good level, especially on the Innovation, which sells for 14,900 euro. Agile and quick in the city, it behaves well on long trips too, thanks to good balance, and the high level of safety features of the car. The engine is a 3 cylinder one liter type optimized for LPG with good performance and reduced CO2 emissions and consumption. With gas, it releases 93 grams/km and consumes on average 5.7 l/100 km for savings of better than 50% compared with the gasoline version.