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Tue, May

Hyundai ix35, with Prins is...liquid


Hyundai ix35 GDI Comfort LPG Prins
The Hyundai ix35 is a compact SUV. It is already a success, replaced by the new Tucson that maintains the direct injection engine 1.6 GDI.

This unit proved adequate for trial of the system of liquid injection of LPG by Prins, the AM Liquid. It is a system that maintains the performance and easy-going temperament of the Korean model, excellent for the city and for comfortable long trips. Comfort is exalted by the spacious, carefully planned interior, by the soundproofing and other featured offered as standard equipment. What changes with the LPG kit are the emissions, down by 10-15%, and the costs for refueling, which go from 0.13 to 0.062 euro/km. A reduction of 50% that makes it possible to recover the 2,700 euro of the installation in less than 40,000 km. Excellent autonomy of the 59.2 liter tanks: about 550 km effective.