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Thu, Jul

An innovative mileage based voucher created by the partnership between Leasys, a long term rental company and Free2move eSolutions, which offers products and services to simplify the transition to electric mobility will be soon available.

As a part of the evolution towards an increasingly green vision and in accordance to the corporate social responsibility principles, Brixia Group launched a new strategic plan of investments dedicated to create value for the community.

Rov by Lexus made its debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 (January 14th-16th). It is a very particular concept car thataims to offer a fun driving life style while living in harmony with nature.

On June 17th, the associations representing the methane and bio methane for auto-traction supply chain signed a Position Paper that presents the advantages and future scenarios for the gas used in the transportation sector.

A highly technological field, with a turnover of 820 billion per year, capable of creating approximately 5.4 million new jobs. This is the future prospected for the hydrogen supply chain in Europe in 2050, which could reach a quarter of the total final energy consumption. A revolution that, in less than thirty years, could change the society and economy of the Old Continent: if produced from renewable sources, for example through the process of electrolysis of water, hydrogen is free of carbon and polluting emissions.

This claim was made by H2IT – the Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association, which presented the report Support tools for the hydrogen sector. Priorities for the development of the hydrogen supply chain in Italy, identifying 51 priorities for action in 7 segments: production; transport, distribution and treatment; storage; mobility; energy uses; industrial, residential and feed-stock uses; supply chain and transversal issues.

Piaggio presents its brand new range of light commercial vehicles: compact, optimal trunk space, Eco-friendly engines, the ideal for the city roads, for a last minute delivery as well as a short and medium-haul freight transport. Four lined cylinders 1,498 cc Euro 6D Final CombiFuel gasoline/LPG and gasoline/methane.

GreenBone Ortho SpA announces its worldwide partnership with Clinica Mobile for the 2021 season. Another success for the young company from Faenza, working in the bone regeneration sector. Following CE certification, with the now certain prospect of entering the international market, it has become official partner of Clinica Mobile, the medical and physiotherapy group of the MotoGP and Superbike World Championship, operating for over 40 years and with a fundamental role in the safety and medical assistance of riders.

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