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Mon, Apr

Long term rental by Free2move eSolutions and Leasys

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An innovative mileage based voucher created by the partnership between Leasys, a long term rental company and Free2move eSolutions, which offers products and services to simplify the transition to electric mobility will be soon available.

The voucher, available to both companies and privates, includes the electric recharge at every charging points of the Free2move eSolutions public network. This service is available for the New electric 500 rental and with Jeep® Renegade or the Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid rental. It allows to include the cost of recharging of 8,500 km (about 1,115 kWh) or 3,000 km (about 680 kWh) for the two hybrid plug-in SUV 4xe. The credit is to be used within a year and can be activated with the long term rentals formulas Leasys Miles, Noleggio Chiaro and Leasys Unlimited. To access, please register to the website publiccharging.all-e.com.