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Thu, Jul

Alterna is in Brixia Group’s future

Current News

As a part of the evolution towards an increasingly green vision and in accordance to the corporate social responsibility principles, Brixia Group launched a new strategic plan of investments dedicated to create value for the community.

The Group’s historic business is made of a network of refueling stations with a total of over 1,000 owned and affiliated plants, which is now technologically adapting to the mobility of the future, offering a wide range of fuels – from traditional gas to LPG, as well as methane, LNG and bio methane. The stations also offer recharging systems for electric vehicles and, in the future, also hydrogen. A philosophy that involved the Group’s automotive division, led by CEO Alice Pulici, who operates in the distribution and assistance sector for industrial and commercial vehicles. We pursue an innovative long-term vision – explains Pulici – favoring a managerial culture and a digital orientation within the dealerships. We are characterized by a strong propensity for innovation and change. For this reason BTrucks (for the commercialization of Ford Trucks brand industrial vehicles) was established in 2020 after Cavi Diesel (sale and assistance of industrial and commercial vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers since 2006). After that in 2021 was developed a collaboration with Berger Ecotrail. Also in 2021 a new brand was developed: Alterna, a company that is specialized in electric vehicles for work. The brands distributed – from the 3 wheeled to 35 tons vehicles – are Alké, RAP, VEM, Green-G and Maxus.