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Thu, Jul

Dangers of telephone use


We talk about the regulation related to the use of electronic devices while driving cars, motorcycle, and velocipedes.

As foreseen by the art. 173 of the Highway Code, it is forbidden to use sound-proof headphones, or to use a telephone set which involves the use of the hand (right or left), but also of a speaker phone (or headset) by a driver lacking adequate hearing ability. The violation of this rule provides for an administrative sanction from € 160 to € 646 and with the deduction of 5 points from the driving license. The points will however be returned if, in the following two years, the driver does not commit the same violation. It is also forbidden to send an SMS or to look at the contact phone book. Therefore, in order to be correct, it is necessary to have hands-free equipment or to use mobile phones with the headset (single, not on the two ears!). If someone breaks the rules more than once in the two-year period, the Prefecture will issue an order for the suspension of the driving license for 1 to 3 months.