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Thu, Oct

Mandatory eCall systems


From March 31st (as per the EU law 2015/758), eCall, the emergency system connected to the 112, will be mandatory everywhere in Europe for new cars and light motor vehicles.

The system, that can also be activated manually, will dial an European emergency number in the case of serious accidents communicating immediately the vehicle’s position through the European navigation satellite system Galileo.

The system functions using sensors, like those in airbags and it is able to evaluate the impact’s severity while ejecting life saving balloons at the same time. The data will be sent with a Sim card integrated into the system without connecting to the passengers smart-phones. eCall will cut in half the emergency response time in rural areas and up to a 60% in cities. It is calculated that could save up to 2,500 lives each year in the EU and will help downturn the number of injured people in reducing the effects of car accidents. For those who wishing to purchase eCall, adding it to cars bought before March 31st, it is available with the retrofit Bosch digital rescue device that can be simply plugged in the socket.