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Sat, Jun

Ecologic cars, only 12,35% of the circulating vehicles


On December 31st, 2021, it was calculated that in Italy there were 4,916,549 vehicles circulating with different types of propulsion and alternative fuels.

To be precise 2,782,057 (6,99% of the total) are fueled with petrol – LPG; 984,964 (2,47%) are petrol – methane; 927,006 (2,33%) are petrol hybrid; 118,034 (0,30%) are electric and 104,488 (0,26%) are diesel hybrid. All together they represent the 12,35% of the total circulating vehicles, 39,822,723 unit. The numbers are rising compared to 2020, when we had 39,717,874 vehicles on the road, only 10,71%, while in 2019 the percentage was 9,85%. On the other side, it continues the decrease in numbers of cars fueled only by petrol and diesel, but they still represent 87% of the grand total. Petrol fueled cars decrease from 45,50% in 2020 to 44,71% in 2021, while diesel cars lower from 43,77% to 42,92%. It is urgent to rejuvenate the circulating fleet: in 2021 the average age of cars is 12 years and 2 months old (4 months more than in 2020).