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Sun, Apr

In 2017 ecological cars reach 11,7% of the market


The 2017 trend for new car matriculation has been presented by Anfia (National Association of the Automotive Industry Supply Chain).

For the 4th consecutive year, from January to December, a growth of 1,970,962 new cars sold (an indicative increase of +8%) followed by a 3% decrease in the month of December, has been reported. The market for alternative-powered cars conquered 13% in December and 11.7% from the beginning of the year with 230 thousand units sold. In first position we once again find gas cars, with about 162 thousand cars being sold, followed by 66 thousand hybrid cars (including plug-ins) and 1,967 electric cars ( of the latter only 14% owned by private individuals). This means that in 2017 one car in every 8.6 sold was equipped with alternative power supply. December showed a decrease of 5% of diesel cars, with an overall increase during the year of 7% and a lower market share down from 57% in 2016 to 56,4% last year. Sales to private individuals in the main cities show a decline in diesel (-7%) and petrol (-6%) but a marked increase in LPG (+28%) and hybrid (+77%) vehicles. This data makes Italy the first alternative fuel market in Europe and second after Norway for its market share. These results are obtained thanks to the development of gas engines: over 911 thousand methane cars and 2.2 million LPG cars (data for 2016) with the largest distribution network in Europe. The good sales performance of LPG cars (+27%) includes both private individuals (+25%) as well as companies (+36%).