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A picture of circulating vehicles


In Italy, nowadays, there are 3,249,122 cars fueled with alternative fuels and ecological propulsion. 2,211,368 (5.84%) have double propulsion: petrol-LPG. 911,246 (2.41) have double propulsion: petrol-CNG, 117,433 (0.31%) are hybrid (electric and petrol), 5,743 (0.02%) electric and 3,332 (0.01%) are hybrid (electric and diesel).

These numbers represent the 8.58% of the circulating vehicles a total of 37,876,138 units. These numbers are growing compared to 2016 when the total number of circulating vehicles were 37,351,233 and the alternative fueled car were equal to 8.33%.

LPG and methane cars are still the major alternative to petrol and diesel cars. Hybrids are also appreciated by the consumers. Instead electric cars are still very difficult to sell.

These data (source ACI) are updated to December 31st, 2016 and the Study Center of the Ecogas Consortium has developed a ranking of the Italian Regions.

On the podium we find Emilia Romagna with its 513,805 cars, followed by Lombardy which totals 421,185 cars and Veneto and its 335,130 units. Then we find: Campania (317,465), Lazio (284,216), Piedmont (268,808), Tuscany (235,366), Marche (183,962), Puglia (178,884) and Sicily (130,922). At the end of the list there are: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Basilicata, Molise and Valle d’Aosta.

In the ecologic propulsion department Emilia Romagna has once again won first place with an 18.31% of the market, followed by Marche 18.30%; Umbria 12.77% and Veneto 10.95%. Above the 8.58% national average we also find Tuscany (9.61), Abruzzo (9.52), Campania (9.37) and Piedmont (9.32). At the end of the ranking there are: Calabria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Sardenia e Valle d’Aosta.