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Wed, May

Like snow in the sun


This is the result that we hope for with the certain proposals that we have listened to in amazement. They just need to melt away. We look for a bit of healthy environmentalism and certainly not the choices for a Green New Deal that the Government is preparing to put into effect.

In fact, we would have expected everything except the proposal by Legambiente to the Government regarding the adjustments of fuel taxes: a 7-cent cut per liter for gasoline, a 3-cent increase for diesel, natural gas and LPG, and total exemption for advanced bio-fuels and electricity for recharges.

What’s wrong? It is absurd to increase taxes on LPG and natural gas that are universally recognized as alternative fuels , which consequently would become a little less convenient for the motorist. Sure, both LPG and methane now have a low taxation (in overall terms), but the level of taxation is also an expression of European indications due to the ecological virtues.

Of course, the increase in the tax proposed is limited, but it would still be a clear and strong punitive signal directed at those who have chosen gas mobility, famously as having a low environmental impact. Why should we penalize two fuels whose role is fundamental facing the transition to zero-emission mobility?

Ecomobile, a magazine that focuses on sustainable mobility, will continue to support the energy mix, even in heavy transportation as the only viable option in order to offer technological neutrality. LPG, methane, LNG, electricity, biofuels and hydrogen have a single objective: to pollute less and use the available resources.

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