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Wed, May

Every alternative fuel available is needed to reduce emissions


The average CO2 emissions of newly registered cars in Europe are increasing, while the regulation approved by the European Parliament and the Council raises the bar further.

By 2030, new cars and trucks must have on average less CO2 emissions respectively than 37,5% and 31% compared to the levels allowed in 2021. Levels that are already very difficult to reach, for example, for cars they are set at 95 gr/km. The only solution is to systematically resort to all alternative power supplies keeping into consideration the air we breathe. We must do that in compliance with the principle of technological neutrality that nowadays is widely challenged. But why be against it, if there is more than one solutions that can ensure a cut in emissions? It would be good to use electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as LPG, methane, bio methane and even bio LPG, LNG and bio LNG. Also hydrogen will be perfect when it will be available. In addition that every car that has an Euro 6 (or over) certification, regardless of its fuel is valid as well. It is forbidden to forbid something, especially if there is no reason (or if there are still no ready alternatives). We disagree with those people – to mention a few names Eurelectric, Enel, Motus-E and Transport & Environment – who affirm that a possible review of the Dafi at European level will have to identify the solution for decarbonising transport in the electricity sector. Because the electric car alone cannot absorb the whole alternative fuel car market. In pursuit of this far away in time objective, we could paradoxically see the increase of CO2 emissions because we do not have the patience to support the technological progress needed while respecting the available resources.

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