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Mon, Apr

Rav4 with Autogas is greener then ever

Test Drive

As a technological evolved SUV, Rav4 by Toyota has an original sharp and a welcoming cabin in terms of both room and design.

On the road is safe and comfortable, thanks to its many devices for active safety. The hybrid power train combines a 2,5 petrol engine with an electric battery for a total of 218 HP, which translates in good performances. Its best traits are a smooth drive and reduced consumption of fuel that in everyday usage translates into 7 l/100 km. This quality is improved by the LPG PJ+ Autogas Italia kit, with direct and indirect double fuel, which limits the car “thirst” to 6 l/100 km of gas (+ 0,5 l/100 km of petrol) allowing to recover the cost of the plant (about 2,000 euros) in 30,000 km. Rav4 Active costs 36,850 euros with a lot of accessories already included.