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Tue, Jul

LNG is in Sardinia’s future


In Cagliari, on April 12th and 13th, the 4th Island of Energy meeting – Sardinia LNG leader in the Mediterranean area, promoted by the ConferenzaGNL and Sardinia LNG association.

The meeting, which had a large partecipation, organized by Mirumir was dedicated fully to liquid methane as an alternative source to petrol derivatives to be employed in the energetic transition.

Methane as clean energy - This subject is very popular right now: we are in the process of developing a carbon free economy. So in the coming decades methane gas will develop even more also in synergy with other renewable sources of energy, as to guarantee enough energy but with a lower environmental impact especially in comparison to petrol.

Yes to LNG - At the round table meeting the main political representatives of the island were present: Mr. Andrea Vallascas Movimento 5 Stelle, Mr. Alessandra Zedda Forza Italia, Mr. Francesco Sanna Partito Democratico, Mr. Christian Solinas Lega-Partito Sardo d’Azione as well as the President of the Region Mr. Francesco Pigliaru and the regional representative for the Industry affairs Mrs. Maria Grazia Piras. Everyone agreed to create LNG deposits on the island’s coastline and to use methane gas for heavy road, sea, and train transportation as well as for industrial developments and in the production of electricity in substitution of coal and oil. LNG use has also been approved by Mr. Vincenzo Tiana of Legambiente (an environment protection association). According to him, it will be necessary to only limit the distribution to specific areas. Also Mr. Antonello Figus, Mayor of Santa Giusta, approves this project as their local Oristano port will undergo a major industrial area relaunch and the refueling of cruise boats will be used there.

Heading towards coastline deposits - In this contest, Higas, the company already involved in the creation of a previously authorized new LNG coastline deposit in Oristano, confirmed its completion before the end of next year. During this time there will be available a boat in charge of LNG transportation from the larger European deposits to the island in order to be able to refuel those boats which in the next few years will be using the new fuel. Higas has also announced they will supply LNG to the Ottana energy companies for the production of electricity.

Finally, the company Società Sardinia GNL, which in the meeting has authorized the development of a deposit in Cagliari’s port, has confirmed its partnership with Vitol, one of the largest companies now operating in LNG world trade.

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