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Tue, Apr

Electric supply and light commercial vehicles. Nextem experience


The interest of citizens and institutions in electric mobility continues to grow, in the car sector as well as in means of transportation.

We interviewed Nextem Italia President, Mr. Emiliano Niccolai, from Livorno, which distributes fully electric vehicles. The product that is arousing the greatest interest is the Orca commercial vehicle, a very versatile and manageable vehicle, designed for logistics and local commerce, suitable for different types of employment, simple to use and with little or no maintenance required. The engine, screwed on the rear axle without the use of gears and linkages, is handled by control units enclosed in only two watertight containers. The battery pack is located at the bottom of the vehicle and it is already prepared for swapping (editor’s note: quick exchange of the battery pack). The auxiliary battery is on the left side and easily accessible. The cabin offers excellent driving comfort and is equipped with air conditioning. A touch screen allows full connectivity even with corporate computer systems. Different set-ups from the body with electric lift from the garbage cans for the differentiated, to the pick-up without tipping or tipping on three sides, to the cold room or to the closed box suitable for last mile deliveries.