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Thu, Oct

With increasingly higher prices of gasoline, the problem of fuel costs becomes increasingly heavier, forcing us to orient consumption towards LPG installations or methane which is much cheaper with the same autonomy.

To install gas implants in cars requires a lot of competence and expertise. In this case, to do things with care is not only a way to say things, but a must, for the perfect efficiency of the car. We spoke about this with Mr. Fabio Ferrari, owner of Fedrauto, together with his wife Mrs. Simona Driol, at their car shop in Zola Predosa, near Bologna, where gas implants have been installed since 1991.

From the Euro 0 to Euro 6, each vehicle benefits from motor conversion to LPG or CNG. It is economical (savings even up to 60%) and environmentally friendly, because the level of all the emissions is extremely reduced.

Converting a car into a LPG vehicle allows for an ever increased savings over time. It is about 60% cheaper compared to petrol and 47% cheaper compared to diesel.

Consorzio Ecogas e Associazione Formazione Giovanni Piamarta
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