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Tue, Apr

Bio methane-powered cars do not create any carbon deposits. This is the result obtained by the first monitoring data collected by BioMethER, a project developed thanks to the collaboration between Iren and Volkswagen Group Italia.

The project allowed to analyze the impact of the direct use of bio methane as a fuel for transportation. The tests were carried out in the test room of the Enea della Casaccia Research Center, equipped with a roller bench, on two new vehicles of the same brand – Volkswagen Polo TGI 1.0 90CV – powered 100% with bio methane produced by sewage sludge in Roncocesi’s Iren demonstration plant (Reggio Emilia).

The results showed that after 15,000 kilometers driven on bio methane there was the total absence of carbon residues on the piston crown, a data that suggests less wear on the engine.

The LPG power supply has always shown to be versatile, easy to adapt to any engine solution.

Thanks to an aftermarket plant made by Ecomotive Solutions, Autogas Italia, and the Holdim Group, a Cupra Ateca Limited Edition 2.0 TSI 4Drive DSG has been converted to a dual fuel: petrol and CNG (compressed natural gas).

With the opening of two new LNG distributors in December in Novara, by Blu Lng, a specialized brand of Rete Spa, and in Falconara, by Vulcangas; it was reached the milestone of 100 LNG service stations in Italy.

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