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Wed, Jun

A 400 HP Cupra Ateca fueled with... natural gas


Thanks to an aftermarket plant made by Ecomotive Solutions, Autogas Italia, and the Holdim Group, a Cupra Ateca Limited Edition 2.0 TSI 4Drive DSG has been converted to a dual fuel: petrol and CNG (compressed natural gas).

The car, made available by Snam4mobility, the company of the Snam group that deals with sustainable mobility, comes as standard with a power of 300 horses, but with appropriate modifications to the engine it was possible to reach the amazing threshold of 400 HP, combining performance and environmental benefits. The result obtained in the test rooms is 400 HP engine at 6440 rpm and a torque of over 510 Nm. Performance that makes the car incredibly fast in acceleration, with consumption values and operating costs comparable to a common city car. The car has already undergone stress tests of over 1000 kilometers without any imperfection being detected. The project is even more advanced and modern than the one that in 1994 saw as protagonist, always upon suggestion of Snam, a Bugatti EB110 GT: during the official homologation tests in the CNG version on the circuit of Nardò reached a record speed of 344.7 km/h.



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