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Sat, Jul

Gas for Climate: a binding target of 11% of renewable gas by 2030.


The Gas for Climate consortium has presented to the European Com unity Commission the new policy paper titled “Setting a binding target for 11% renewable gas“.

The Consortium is made of eleven companies in the energy infrastructure field, among them, the Italian Snam and two bio-methene Associations which include the CIB - the Italian Biogas Consortium. The proposal made was to introduce a binding target by 2030 of 11% of renewable gases of the total European final gas demand as a necessary step to contribute to the achievement of the European Union’s climate objectives, which provide for a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

The target should be introduced in the Community Renewable Energy Directive. The policy paper on renewable gases is the first in a series to be published in 2021 per on renewable gases is the first in a series to be published in 2021 and comes soon after the “Market State and Trends Report” study, which focuses on the development of bio-methane and hydrogen in Europe and the key role they will play as renewable and low-carbon gases functional to the climate neutrality objectives by 2050.

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