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Sun, Apr

Adas: the automatic emergency breaking system is the most appreciated of all


The technological device Adas (acronym of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) that is most appreciated in our country is the automatic emergency breaking system.

In fact it is considered very important by 83% of Italian drivers. The 70% of the drivers instead considers very important to have on board an integrated navigation system, while only the 66% considers important the Blind Spot Warning, meaning that device that monitor the blind spot in the review mirrors or the Lane Departure Warning.In fourth place we find the 360 degrees camera and the automatic temperature control system and finally in fifth place the assist parking. Drivers like other devices and physical buttons or knobs as well, such as the Adaptive cruise control, Hotspot WiFi, over-the-air software updates, Apple Car Play or Android Auto, semi-automatic drive and the heated or cooled seats.