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Thu, Jul



The Justice of Peace in Porretta Terme (BO) ruled that the 5% tolerance for speed cameras can not be extended to tutors to which it applies a greater level of tolerance, equal to 15%.

This rule has created a lot of discussion but the Justice justified this by saying that the SICVe-Tutor (the computerized speed control system) is made up of three different devices (entrance portal, exit portal and calculation/data transmitter) and for each one a tolerance of 5% must be applied, totaling a 15%. In this particular case, the judge also considered that the rights of the fined party were not respected due to some basic information not being listed the on the fine which was used to justify the calculation of the speed limit infraction. In fact, there no indications as to where the devices that read the speed were placed, and at which time the speed infraction was detected.

Therefore, should we ignore the tutors? It is a very risky matter as the Traffic Code clearly states that there is only a 5% tolerance of the street speed limit. This concept was also underlined by Minister Minniti’s directive last July, see Ecomobile n. 132. Regardless of the speed detection method it is better not to run over the limit, because another judge might rule differently, but above all to protect one’s own and other people’s safety.