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Thu, Apr

BioLPG, the new green


Renewable fuels.

Finally something is changing on the Bio LPG front! On July 6th, in Milan the company Green LG Energy srl was established, It is a strategic joint venture for the development of new technologies for the production and distribution of LPG derived from renewable sources. The founders are AGN Energia, Beyfin, Cavagna Group, Socogas Group and Veroniki Holding / Butangas, among the major players in the fuel and energy sector, ecxpecially for LPG.On the board of directors Beatrice Niccolai from Beyfin, Patrizia Zucchi from Socogas, Davide Cavagna from the Cavagna Group, Christos Christofides from Veroniki Holding / Butangas, Marco Roggerone from AGN Energia.The company is chaired by Francesco Franchi, an independent expert in the energy field: “ The goal of Green LG Energy srl is to produce Bio LPG which will become even more sustainable and green by improving the already excellent product which is the LPG that today serves Italian customers” – states. The research and development company will be responsible for developing the renewable energy supply chain of Bio-LPG, in order to quickly reach the next phase of marketing, with the production that will employ organic waste to obtain a completely green LPG, with a view to full application of the criteria of circular economy.