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Sat, Jul

LPG and LNG, now more than 3 million cars in circulation


Vehicles fueled with LPG and LNG reached 8.1% of the total in circulation (ACI data) at the end of 2015.

In 2014 they accounted for 7.76%. Out of a total of over 3 million vehicles, 2,137,078 are fueled with LPG and 883,190 with LNG, including both vehicles originally designed for those fuels and those converted on the after-market, out of a total in Italy of 37,351,233 vehicles.

These are number that could still increase greatly, as Alessandro Tramontano, President of the Ecogas Consortium points out, thanks to the growing distribution network and assistance provided by thousands of specialized workshops.

But already since 2012 and particularly in the last semester, we have seen a reversal of the trend.

The halt in the development of vehicles fueled with LPG and LNG in Italy, the largest consumer in Europe in terms of vehicles in circulation, and world leader in the production of the related technologies, damages the industry, but also the environment and the quality of the air, while the recourse to conversions to gas – now possible also for diesel vehicles – could bring new life to the millions of Euro 2, 3 and 4 cars in circulation.




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