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Fri, Jul

National Energy Strategy


In full pre-electoral climate, the new National Energy Strategy has been approved. On November 10th, the Ministers of the Economic Development and of the Environment have signed the decree.

This is not the arrival point, but the starting point underlines the government statement. The decree talks about transportation and mobility, specifying that renewable energy in 2030 must cover at least 21% of vehicles which is a big difference from 2015 (6,4%).

Our ambition however – we read – must be realistic. In fact if 28% of consumption will be covered by renewable sources that means that the remaining 72% will still require natural gas.

Unfortunately, given the long times for the transformation of transportation infrastructure, means that oil derived products will still be used. We hope that our government remembers that it can count on LPG and methane gas – and to their related economic sectors – which are Italian excellences that guarantee environmental, economic and social benefits.


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