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Mon, May

Duster LPG, affordable and environmental friendly

Test Drive

The second series of the Dacia Duster improves the winning mix of its predecessors by offering a pleasant look, spacious interiors and a competitive price/equipment ratio.

The Prestige 4x2 LPG 1.6 SCe version offers high standards of comfort, equipment and performance in line with the needs of daily travel. Its main attraction is that it is environmentally friendly thanks to its reduced gas consumption. It is also very affortable with a competitive list price and a 50% savings of the refueling costs compared to the petrol version. The gas savings allows the recovery of the extra 500 euro price versus the LPG version in less than 10,000 km. The Prestige costs 16,450 euros with a 3-year/100,000 km warranty, but there are also two additional cheaper versions: the Essential (13,750 euros) and the Comfort (15,450 euros).