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Tue, Apr

Ford Puma Hybrid, less expensive trips with LPG


Compact SUV with a sporty feel, the Ford Puma has a versatile soul, being at ease in the city, but also on winding roads and motorways.

The passenger compartment is large and welcoming, the design is modern, practical and with advanced technological contents. The Hybrid system combines the small 3-cylinder 1.0 with an 11.5 kW electric motor capable of providing liveliness to driving and limiting consumption, especially in the city. The BRC Sequent Maestro LPG kit takes care of saving in the extra-urban stretches, where electric assistance is modest. An efficient system that allows you to reduce the cost per kilometer from 0.115 to 0.057 euros, allowing you to recover the conversion cost of 2,000 euros in just over 30,000 km. Excellent gas range of about 500 km. Equipped with good comfort and high road holding, the Puma 1.0 EcoBoost Hybrid Titanium costs 26,000 euros with full equipment, especially in terms of safety.