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Tue, May

LPG, whats thought about it?

Current News

The two main areas of interest that we receive from consumers when we asked them about the use of LPG are: car fuel (83% of the answers) and energy for the house (63%). These are the results taken from the National Union of Consumers (website) in a survey on this subject.

This survey shows what most people think about LPG as fuel for cars. 9 out of 10 consumers believe LPG means saving money. 69% think that it is an ecological product. 42% see the benefit to be able to circulate and move about also when there are traffic blocks. Eight out of 10 consumers think that more information about safety is needed on this subject. 7 out of 10 think that LPG is an innovative product. What do people think of a home powered by LPG? The first response was clean energy with a 56% preference, followed by versatility (45%) and widespread presence on the territory even in rural and mountain areas (36%). At the end of the list (with 14%), we find once again the need to increase information on both how to use it safely and its high energy efficiency. When asked about the ecological proprieties of LPG, 60% of the people interviewed understand that this gas has almost zero emission of fine particles. 46% know that it has very low carbon dioxide emissions. 34% know that it doesn’t pollute water supplies and finally a 27% that LPG doesn’t release any dangerous substances for the environment. Only 16% of the people admitted to being uninformed on the subject. And what about other uses of LPG? Barbecue usage totals 57% of the answers, while 31% of the people interviewed do not know any other use for it. However, 24 out 100 consumers know that they can use LPG in a generator in order to produce electrical energy.