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Mon, Apr

Bio methane made from whiskey residues used by Glenfiddich’s fleet


Glenfiddich, the single malt Scottish whiskey most recognized in the world, launched a ‘closed loop’ sustainable transport initiative that will make it the first global spirits brand to manage the delivery fleet with green bio methane produced from the residues of its distillation process. Adopting a technology developed by the parent company William Grant & Sons, Glenfiddich distillery in Dufftown, in the north east of Scotland, transforms its production residues and waste in bio gas and then in bio methane called Ultra-Low Carbon Fuel (ULCF, a fuel with extremely low carbon emissions) with recognized qualities. Refueling stations have been installed in the distillery and the bio methane feeds specially set up trucks that deliver Glenfiddich whiskey. On the truck’s sides you can read Fueled by Glenfiddich - Transforming whiskey waste into ultra-low carbon fuel. The vehicles used by the whiskey producer are made by Iveco – in the pictures the natural gas fueled Stralis NP 460 – whose gas technology has been consolidated for some time.