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Sun, Jun

H2IT: hydrogen, growth and obstacles


Hydrogen is the key player for the energy transition, central to the NRP, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and the European Green Deal.

Italy and Europe are working to develop a strong supply chain, which would help decarbonise many sectors, from industry to transport, from residential energy production. H2IT, the Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association, presented a preview of the Observatory on the hydrogen sector in Italy, carried out in consultation with its members, who represent the entire hydrogen value chain from production to end use. The President Alberto Dossi stated: The optimism that emerges from the analysis of the aggregate data of the forecasts of the H2IT member companies is stronger signals, which, however, are not enough on their own to get a market off the ground. We need a strategy for the development of the sector that enables investments, with a clear regulatory framework and reforms aimed at supporting the adoption of hydrogen technologies in Italy.