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Tue, Apr

Stop to internal combustion engines as planned, but in 2026 a new assessment must be done


On June 8th, the European Parliament voted in favor of the European Commission proposal that puts an end to the sale of endothermic engine’s vehicles in 2035, as provided by Fit for 55 decree plan.

An amendment has been approved that provides for a derogation until the end of 2035 for manufacturers who produce from 1,000 to 10 thousand units a year, such as those of the Italian Motor Valley. Also the Environment EU Council of Ministers has approved this provision, so the process goes on. The Council agreed to introduce a 100% CO2 reduction target by 2035 for new cars and vans and to increase the reduction targets by 2030 to 55% for cars and 50% for vans. It will only be possible to sell 100% electric models or powered by hydrogen fuel cells. However, in 2026, it is expected that the Commission will assess the progress made so far and adjusts and reviews the objectives taking into account technological developments. It is also hypothesized to allow alternative technologies such as synthetic fuels or plug-in hybrids, so to eliminate faster and better the greenhouse gas emissions. These measures must now be negotiated and discussed with the European Parliament.