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Fri, Aug

Help wanted


Restart: we are facing many problems and they add to those that there were prior to the Covid-19 emergency.

The automotive sector (like many others, for example the oil and the energy sector) employs, indirectly more than 13 million people in Europe, needs the support from governments now more then ever, so to be able to reach those ambitious and urgent environmental objectives. With a program of government subsidies dedicated to environmental and economic sustainability, only barely mentioned in the Relaunch Decree, which in practice allocates some resources exclusively to electro- mobility, we are now looking for new resources. These resources could be destined to scrapping old cars and therefore relaunching the car market or for the conversion into LPG and CNG engines for those who cannot afford to spend substantial amounts of money and purchase a new car. It could be important to offer tax discounts for company’s cars. It would also be important a recovery plan for car components companies that export all over the world their excellence earning dizzying amounts of money.

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