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LNG Conference & Expo

The Small Scale LNG Use, Euro-Mediterranean Conference & Expo, Naples 15-16 May 2019 is the key event in the Mediterranean area on direct uses of LNG. Owned and projected by Mirumir in collaboration with Italian Committee of the World Energy (WEC), ConferenzaGNL® is the independent initiative, launched in 2012, to promote the LNG industrial chain in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

The direct uses of small-scale LNG in transport and industry are no longer just a promise but a solid reality of the global energy transition. Leading experts, representatives of leading international agencies and consulting firms will describe the state of the art. It is the first time in world economic history that a new fuel spreads simultaneously on all continents. There are still regional characteristics to be evaluated and shared. The global political and commercial turbulence push for the independence and security of energy supplies of which LNG is the protagonist.

The contamination and integration between the various sectors favors and accelerates the progress of the entire sector, driven by environmental and economic objectives. Representatives of the world’s leading manufacturers and users will illustrate the latest innovations in maritime transport, heavy land transport, industries and city networks. For the first time, we will also talk about rail transport and space carriers. Interventions and round tables will be managed by the most experienced international journalists.

Limits to pollutant emissions and CO2 reduction targets put tremendous pressure on LNG technologies. All engines and accessories need to be rethought and improved, 2020 is coming, you think about 2030 but the top of attention is 2050. The International Conference will describe and address the problems of all the major technologies that are determining the worldwide success of direct uses of LNG: cold storage, cryogenic valves, small liquefactions, hybrid engines (LNG and electricity, LNG and Hydrogen with fuels cells), self-service dispensers, ship to ship technologies, truck to ship technologies, loading arms technologies, emissions prevention and control, LNG digital processes, LNG virtual processes.

Leading experts will talk about BioGNL. This area is becoming a powerful engine for the development of all direct uses of LNG. BioLNG mixed with normal LNG further reduces the already exceptional environmental performance. The BioGNL appears as the last stage of the energy transition, in the transition between fossil energies and electricity from renewable sources. BioLNG is the protagonist of the circular economy, the greatest commitment of all the citizens of the world to guarantee the future to the new generations.

All the topics and technologies that will be discussed in the International Conference will find illustrations and practical demonstrations in the Expo Area. Stands of variuos size are available to operators and companies on LNG sector.