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Here's the Government

Here's the Government

It was born on 1 June after 88 days the M5S-Lega government led by Professor Giuseppe Conte. 18 ministers. Nine belonging to the Cinquestelle, six to the League, three technicians. Five women.

In the front row: Enzo Moavero Milanesi (Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation); Paolo Savona (European Affairs); Lorenzo Fontana (Family and disability); Barbara Lezzi (South); Giuseppe Conte (Chairman of the Board); Sergio Mattarella (President of the Republic); Erika Stefani (Regional and autonomous affairs); Giulia Bongiorno (Public Administration); Riccardo Fraccaro (Relations with Parliament and direct democracy); Luigi Di Maio (Economic Development and Labor and Social Policies and Deputy Chairman of the Board); Matteo Salvini (Internal and Vice-President of the Council).

In the second row: Giulia Grillo (Health); Alberto Bonisoli (Heritage and cultural activities and tourism); Marco Bussetti (Education, University and Research); Danilo Toninelli (Infrastructures and transport); Sergio Costa (Environment, protection of the territory and the sea); Gian Marco Centinaio (Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies); Giovanni Tria (Economics and Finance); Elisabetta Trenta (Defense); Alfonso Bonafede (Justice).

The ministries without portfolio are: Relations with Parliament and direct democracy, Public Administration, Regional and Autonomous Affairs, South, Family and disability, European Affairs.