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Mon, May

The “green” scorpion who dominates the races

Test Drive

A trial car to test the qualities of gas technology, the methane powered Abarth 500 by Ecomotori.net team adds to its sportive traits the ecological qualities derived from Bigas’ gas conversion.

 It isn’t very comfortable, but it is very fun to drive thanks to the powerful and responsive engine and the racing trim that enhances grip and road handling. Its performance remains unchanged when powered by methane, but the CO2 emissions falls drastically: from 155 to 19.85 g/km using “bio” gas. It is also much cheaper the cost per kilometer for refueling (from € 0.112 to € 0.038) which allows to recover the cost of the conversion in less than 2,500 km. The kit is also available for the Fiat 500.