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Sun, Jun

TGI, the natural Golf


Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TGI Highline BlueMotion CNG
The Volkswagen Golf sedan, with its pleasing lines, converts to natural gas after 40 years of history with the 1.4 TGI tested in the version Highline Blue Motion.

It is a model with carefully designed interiors and great comfort that offers interesting performance and excellent behavior on the road at the level of passive and active safety. Extraordinary environment friendliness and economy, thanks to the reduced CO2 emissions (only 94 g/km) and effective consumption of 4 kg/100 km of natural gas, which brings the cost per kilometer down to as low as 0.04 euro/km compared with 0.087 for the gasoline version and 0.053 for the diesel. With respect to these, it has 89 liters less baggage space, but 400 km more autonomy thanks to its two tanks for a total of 15 kg. The list price is 25,300 euro fully equipped.