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Tue, May

Affordable and good autonomy city cars, “small”quadri cycles in both dimensions and price, electric scooters and e-bikes to move around easily in the city. Future’s mobility was staged at the IAA Mobility in Munich with a multitude of innovative electric vehicles as protagonists. The new vehicles are characterized by the presence of advanced technologies, such as facial recognition, application management via smartphone or large screens also employed for entertainment. The models will also be enriched by radar, cameras and devices for connectivity with road infrastructures, automatic parking systems and the battery swap for “refueling” in a few minutes. More futuristic are robotaxis and flying cars.

The Special Automotive Webinar by #FORUMAutoMotive – an initiative promoted by the journalist Pierluigi Bonora – has inaugurated the year 2021 on January 15th, analyzing scenarios involving hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

The green economy world has never stopped, in spite of the difficulties, even in the year of the pandemic. Confirmation arrives from Ecomondo and Key Energy, the Italian Exhibition Group expos dedicated, respectively, to the recovery of material and sustainable development and to renewable energies, which will run from Tuesday 3rd November, until Sunday 15th November on the IEG digital platform.

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