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Tue, Jul

When economy is green and circular


At the Rimini Fairgrounds from November 6th - 9th 2018, the Ecomondo and Key Energy stands (designed by the Italian Exhibition Group) displayed a platform dedicated to the circular economy and renewable energy, a European reference point for companies and institutions struggling with the transition.

At the Fair’s inauguration, Mr. Sergio Costa, the Italian Minister of Enviroment defined this event as The Great Expo of Circular Economy. The 129,000 sq.m event was attended by expositors from 115 countries (70% from Europe, 9% from the Mediterrenean basin, and important partecipation from China and the Russian Federation). The fair registered a +4% increase in visitors from the past edition. As usual, in the first two days, the General States of the Green Economy were held, which emphasized the prospects for green investments, pointing out that 7-8 billion a year of public investments in the next 5 years would trigger 21.4 billion in private investments and 440 thousand new jobs per year. During the exhibition, the National Biomethane Technology Platform organized a conference to reaffirm the centrality of renewable gas in the European and national Climate-Energy strategy. The next edition of Ecomondo and Key Energy will take place from November 5th to 8th, 2019 once again at the Rimini Fairgrounds.

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