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Tue, Jul

Methane (also bio), a firm point


“Investment in the Italian gas supply chain is one of the choices that the government has clearly defined in the National Energy Strategy. The decarbonisation path, which must allow us to overcome traditional sources such as oil and coal, finds in this excellence a steady point.”

This is the statement that on June 8th, 2017 in Bologna was given by the Environmental Minister Mr. Gianluca Galletti on the occasion of the meeting entitled “Natural gas and bio methane: national excellence for sustainability “ organized by The Econometric and Center of Studies Promotor together with Anfia, the Italian Biogas Consortium, Confagricoltura, FCA, Iveco and Snam. “In order to improve the air quality – he continued- we must promote a new sustainable mobility”The contribution offered by methane gas was presented during the meeting. In only 2016, we were able to lower the CO2 emissions by 1.5 million of tons, with savings for Italian families of almost 2 billion in the fuel expenses. If only all of the Italian provinces had methane fueled vehicle diffusion like Ancona (the most virtuous province with 13.9% of methane fueled circulating cars), the total savings would be over 11 billion, and the CO2 emissions would be lowered by up to 8.5 million of tons.

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